Celebrate Recovery

10th Anniversary Year
CR celebrates 10 years of service and Freedom in Christ at Monticello Covenant Church.     

Fresh Start with CR

Celebrate Recovery begins the new year at the beginning of the program.  This is a great time to check us out.

Worship Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ with  the Monticello CR Worship Team. 

Listening  and Learning
We alternate Recovery Lessons with Personal Testimonies every week.  Lessons are based on the 12 Step of Recovery and the Beatitudes of Jesus life lessons for an eternity. 

Snacks & Fellowship
CR provides Soup and crackers and volunteers bring snacks to munch on to socialize with participants between the large group and the small group meetings.

Everyone Welcome!

Weekly Schedule:

6:15 (2nd Tuesday of the Month) – Potluck!
7:00 Large Group Praise & Worship/Lesson
8:00 Small Group Meeting

Child Care Available 7:00 – 9:00.